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Back then..

I've been a member of DA for 9 years now, actively though, i'd say about 8 years - probably because by the time i'd created my DA account, drawing was more of a hobby rather than something i was fully invested into doing. Luckily, that changed and i found myself being inspired by all the young talented artists that were around this place, it made me want to be a better artist instead of just an enthusiast of some sorts ^^

Now, let's get to the featured art stuff.

There a lot of older artwork of mine i absolutely hate, however there are some i still like and i hope you do too =)

These are a few from 2004-2012:

::Tea Cup? :: color by KetsuoTategami demona by KetsuoTategami     Sanji by KetsuoTategami  ::Zoro:: by KetsuoTategami  Infractus Fatality : Audition by KetsuoTategami  9K::Climber by KetsuoTategami   ItsGoingToBeALongTripRaquel by KetsuoTategami  Chopper Special by KetsuoTategami  that classic race.. by KetsuoTategami   The Lil Mage by KetsuoTategami  A Fall Breeze by KetsuoTategami  Static Shock_01 by KetsuoTategami  El Katari by KetsuoTategami  Tortoise VS Puss by KetsuoTategami  DailyDrawFeb-21 by KetsuoTategami DailyDrawFeb-26 by KetsuoTategami  DailyDrawFeb-29 END by KetsuoTategami Yoga Flame by KetsuoTategami  Toothless...again by KetsuoTategami  The old gang... by KetsuoTategami  know what time it is.. by KetsuoTategami 
There are a bit more old drawings i'd like to share but this is probably more than enough for now (if you like to take a peep at my most recent work, please feel free to stop by my gallery)

So anyway, Happy Birthday deviantART

and thanks for being here for us weirdos =)
EzJedi Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Nice to see some of your earlier stuff here dude, although I love where your style has taken you. Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
KetsuoTategami Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much buddy =)
EzJedi Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome man ;)
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August 9, 2014
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